LydBroker program trading software

(For IB TWS program trading)

Easy to use trading software

Automated Trading using C#


First of all, you need to have an account of  Interactive Brokers, or Tiger Brokers global version (please refer to the relevant website for details of how to open an account)

On the windows computer, you can normally run the TWS workstation or Tiger trade program.

Download the lydbroker program trading software, set the trading port to be consistent with TWS, then you can start the journey of external programming.

Before the end of February 2021, lydbroker external disk programming software testing period, all customers free use.

After February 2021, a relatively low charging standard will be formulated.

Customers who actively participate in the test and submit test feedback during the test will be given a certain amount of free bill after the official version is launched.

Hope that the software and customers grow together.

matters needing attention

We only provide trading software, not trading platform. Customer transaction funds can not be invested in this site, nor to provide consultation and answer in this regard.

The interface of this software uses the TWS trading port of Interactive Brokers, which is a secure trading port, and will not disclose customer information and unexpected fund transfer.

The software's automatic order trading, may be due to network and other reasons, error. In order to avoid trading losses, customers are requested to apply for fund simulation account test in Yingtou securities, and then access to the real offer after the test is credible. If there is any error, please give us feedback in time.

This program uses C# script, high efficiency, strong function, but also supports the system files and other operations. When using the policy provided by others, please check and compile. Unknown program may cause unexpected trouble.

What's new

Lydbroker 1.20200909 test version has been released on September 15, 2020. Users can download and install test in software download